Exterior Aircraft Cleaning & Detailing Services

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Our exterior detailing services will provide the appearance of your aircraft like showroom condition.  We use the highest quality aircraft cleaning techniques and use eco-friendly products to provide a comprehensive range of aircraft exterior detailing services including: wipe down, no-rinse wet wash, paint protection coating, brightwork metal polishing, de-ice boot prep and reseal,  and gear wells cleaning.

Just some of the services we specialize in:

  • Exterior No-Rinse Wet Wash

  • Exterior Wipe Down

  • Paint Protection Sealant

  • Brightwork Polishing

  • De-Ice Boot Prep & Sealant Treatment

  • Gear Wells Cleaning

  • Paint Claying

(Time elapsed video of Paragon Aviation Detailing servicing a G450 at their HQ.)

Exterior No-Rinse Wet Wash

Our complete exterior wash service will leave your aircraft’s paint with a natural barrier protectant, ensuring that contaminants don’t reside on the paint.  Our No-Rinse Wet Wash System is a unique formulation that encapsulates dirt with a lubricating polymer, preventing scratches or harm to the paint. The entire aircraft’s frame is hand wiped down using biodegradable products to produce a clean and spotless finish. In addition to the main fuselage and tail, service includes the top and belly, underside of wings and flaps, engine nacelles, wheels landing gear and doors, windshield and cabin windows.

Exterior Wipe Down

The exterior wipe down service will ensure that your aircraft is quickly ready for its next flight. We use our environmentally safe No-Rinse Wet Wash System to hand wipe the belly, flaps, wheels landing gear and doors, windshield and cabin windows, nose, wing leading edges debugged, inlets debugged, underside of the engines, empennage, and tail.

Paint Protection Sealant

Paint polishing and sealant service is aimed at rejuvenating your aircraft’s exterior appearance to like-new. We use a hyper concentrated polymer sealant to provide real and durable protection for your aircraft’s paint and preventing future buildups.

Brightwork Polishing

A specialized service, Brightwork Polishing is a multi-step process designed to remove minor scratches, oxidation and water spots, restoring a brilliant shine to the metal. Brightwork not only keeps the aircraft looking new but also protects it against corrosion. Once the aircraft is prepped and protected, the brightwork is machine-cut and polished with a variety of pads and compounds until every flaw is removed and a smooth, flawless mirror surface is produced. LEARN MORE

De-Ice Boot Prep and Sealant Treatment

A full deice boot strip involves the removal of build ups of sealants, waxes, and bugs from the boot surface and then resealed and treated multiple times to restore a deep black, glossy shine. A regular de-ice boot treatment protects and lengthens the lifetime of the boots.

Gear Wells Cleaning

We use a biodegradable, environmentally safe degreaser to clean by hand each gear, gear well, and flap, ensuring to remove all grime build-up and grease, leaving only a clean painted and mechanical surface.

Paint Claying

A safe and non-abrasive service, paint claying removes industrial fall out and airborne contaminants from the surface of the paint, leaving the paint surface smooth to the touch.

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